Academic website of Umut Varolgunes

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    Ongoing projects

  • Framed E_2 algebra structure on relative symplectic cohomology (joint with Mohammed Abouzaid and Yoel Groman) - in writing
  • Non-archimedean analytic mirrors of symplectic cluster manifolds (joint with Yoel Groman)
  • Slides from past talks

  • A summary of the state of relative SH after I completed my PhD: 2019
  • HMS for chain type singularities: 2020
  • Quantitative Gromov non-squeezing (should be accessible to non-symplectic geometers): 2021
  • Lecture notes

  • Notes for a quarter course on differential topology: 215B Notes
  • Notes for a quarter course on abstract linear algebra: 113 Notes
  • Organizing

  • Mirror symmetry for Looijenga Interiors and beyond
  • Kylerec (I put this here for support. I was an organizer for the first and second versions.)

  • Teaching

    See CV for more on my teaching experience. If you contact me by email, I will be happy to give you more information and access to my materials. For example I prepared a complete set of online teaching materials for a service level ODE course (Math 53 at Stanford, taught twice, both with >100 students). It's a bit hard to share here. I also have lecture notes for a graduate level course on symplectic geometry and a topics course on Hamiltonian Floer theory . These are less polished, as I taught them only once.

    Bogazici Spring 2022